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Log Management Solutions, Executive Order M-21-31

Increase visibility before, during and after a cybersecurity incident. Executive Order M-21-31 memorandum requires federal agencies to create an implementation plan to deploy technology and processes to meet the log data collection, retention and management requirements. The memo focuses on each agency’s development of a maturity model that supports the centralization of account access and increasing visibility to support the highest-level security operations center (SOC). Quest Public Sector and our portfolio of solutions can help your agency comply with the requirements of the memo and ensure security events are identified and mitigated as quickly as possible.  
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Prioritize First Steps
Event Logging Levels
Secure log management
Hardware, Software, Cloud
Prioritizing first steps and the entire implementation process

Agencies should first focus on high-impact systems and high value assets. Security requires knowledge, vision and perspective. Every user and device action in your enterprise provides that in the form of log data, but it can be overwhelming to manage and prioritize all that information. We have the log management capabilities to help agencies achieve the highest maturity level while simplifying and optimizing the collection, filtering, distribution and archiving of log data by providing the following:

  • Compliant log collection 
  • Universal log management 
  • Cost containment for log management 
  • Agency enterprise-wide log visibility and management 
  • Part of the DHS administered Continuous Diagnostic & Mitigation (CDM) program

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