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Active Roles

Automate, extend and enhance native capabilities of Active Directory and Azure Active Directory with One Identity Active Roles. Learn how your agency can accelerate account, group and directory management and eliminate manual processes to increase efficiency and security. With Active Roles, you can reallocate work hours to focus on other IT tasks knowing your critical data, user permissions and privileged access are under control. 
Unifying the Management of your On-prem and Azure AD Environments with Active Roles 02:59



Active Roles AD Mgmt

Secure and automate the administration, access and provisioning of users and groups for AD/AzureAD
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KuppingerCole Report Executive View on Active Roles

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Kickstart Zero Trust with Active Roles and OneLogin MFA

Organizations should view Zero Trust as a journey that begins with the protection of identities, many of which reside in Active...
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10 Steps to enhance the agility, security and performance of Active Directory

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IDC Spotlight: Fortify Active Directory to Improve Security and Efficiency

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Unified hybrid Active Directory

Managing on-prem AD is hard enough, but when you throw Azure AD into the mix things can get out of control quickly. This eBook ...
Technical Brief

Increase Security by providing Just-In-Time Privilege for Active Directory

One Identity Just-in-Time Privilege automatically assigns privileges at the time of a credential check-out – and immediately re...
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How to manage unwanted guests in Azure Active Directory

Do your house guests still have access to your home after they’ve left or overstayed their welcome? You would show them out or...

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