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Federal Initiatives 

Confidently take next steps with help from Quest. Whether it’s on-prem, hybrid, cloud migration or security issues, federal organizations are always planning to meet future IT challenges. With Quest Public Sector, you have the solutions you need to meet your initiatives. Quest Public Sector helps you quickly and easily migrate, manage and secure your entire enterprise, so you’re keeping ahead of today’s to-do checklist so you can focus on tomorrow’s priorities.

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Quest Public Sector helps you simplify security, cloud migration and data center consolidation


Every federal organization has different security concerns based on its mission and ever-changing threat landscape. Quest Public Sector offers a variety of solutions to meet these on-prem, cloud and hybrid security concerns. With solutions for endpoint management, auditing, reporting, identity governance, insider threat or AD behavior analytics, Quest Public Sector meets the changing security needs of the Federal Government.
Cloud Migration/ Datacenter Consolidation

Cloud Migration/ Datacenter Consolidation

Shrinking the size of an agency’s attack surface, regardless of roadmap or strategy – datacenter optimization or “cloud first”- is key to tightening security, and incorporating new technologies and innovative approaches. Whether your infrastructure is on-prem, provided as a service, or moving to another datacenter, there are always challenges: minimizing risk, migrating data, assessing platform workloads to determine cloud or datacenter viability and continuously monitor the platforms or databases in the cloud. Once a FedRAMP or private cloud provider has been selected, only with Quest Public Sector can you migrate, manage and secure your entire enterprise while making full use of the benefits of cloud or datacenter consolidation efforts.


You need to modernize your infrastructure, but you’re uncertain how much it will actually cost and whether true value will be attained. To start, migration to the cloud can be risky because you can’t afford downtime or data loss. And you may have to manage and monitor hybrid environments that include both physical and cloud databases for longer than you hoped. Also, security and compliance are critical whether you’re managing apps on-prem or in the cloud. Whatever your platform, Quest Public Sector can help simplify your journey to the cloud. With Quest Public Sector you can migrate from on-prem to hybrid to the cloud with minimal cost, risk and downtime- and easily manage, monitor and secure your hybrid environment for the short and long term.

U.S. Department of State-Bureau of Public Affairs

Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange does not need to use the journaling mailbox on the MS Exchange server, allowing the archving process to be selective and all-inclusive if necessary

LARRY LAMBERT Network Administrator, U.S. Department of State-Bureau of Public Affairs Read Case Study

AFCENT Network Operations and Security Center (NOSC)

We decided that we needed an event-driven replication process. Replication is the key to this system. It allows you to pick up and operate from virtually anywhere in the world. Many times, when you’re building a network, a COOP (continuity of operations – a backup site capable of handling essential processes in the event of a systems failure) is a nice thing to have…

Bill Strickland Technical Director, AFCENT Network Operations and Security Center (NOSC) Read Case Study

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