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Market and tech insights from Quest Software Public Sector

Listen to this podcast series featuring QSPSI leadership. It delves into key IT and cybersecurity topics facing federal government agency today, including zero trust, governance and data strategies. You can start with any episode but be sure to listen to all of them for insights and best practices.


Episode 1 – IT Modernization in the Federal Government with Quest Software Public Sector

Join Chris Roberts, the Federal Technology Director for Quest Software Public Sector Inc. (QSPSI), for this lively episode that looks at challenges and opportunities of IT modernization in a public sector infrastructure. In this podcast, you will:

  • Discover why IT modernization is a priority for federal agencies
  • Learn why updating hardware is only the tip of the iceberg
  • Hear how agencies can properly prioritize IT modernization tasks


Episode 2 – Quest Software – Examining the Federal Data Strategy

Join Chris Roberts, the Federal Technology Director for Quest Software Public Sector Inc. (QSPSI), as he returns to the GovIT podcast to discuss the federal data strategy, the risks of federal data usage and how to set up your project for success. Listen in to:

  • Hear what your next step should be as agencies like yours are encouraged to use data sets across the government
  • Learn about edge-computing and the risks involved
  • Discover how data architects can ensure access is open and can scale to integrate with multiple other federal networks
  • Explore how AI can support and enhance the federal data strategy


Episode 3 – Quest – Active Directory in a Zero Trust Environment

Join Eric Weiss, Senior Technology Executive at Quest Software Public Sector (QSPSI), to hear what he has to say about Active Directory (AD) in a Zero Trust environment; and how this dominant IT security approach affects the AD landscape at federal agencies. Topics discussed include:

  • Defining the transitioning state of Active Directory Zero Trust, if possible
  • Securing a complex and far-ranging AD environment while balancing challenges such as technical debt, legacy structures, users, and organic and inorganic growth
  • Exploring why your AD environment is your largest asset and biggest challenge when it comes to Zero Trust


Episode 4 – Quest Software – The Legacy of Identity

Listen to Federal Technology Director for Quest Software, Chris Roberts, break down the impact of the executive order that aims to bolster national cybersecurity with Zero Trust architecture.

  • Learn what ‘legacy’ means within identity security
  • Discover what challenges are presented with a Zero Trust initiative in a federal network
  • Hear the benefits of starting fresh with the cloud version of AD and Entra ID (formerly Azure AD)
  • See how agencies can address identity challenges of IT security with Zero Trust architecture


Episode 5 – Revisiting the White House Executive Order with Quest Software

Don’t miss this episode, featuring Chris Roberts, Federal Technology Director at Quest Software Public Sector Inc. (QSPSI), as he highlights how agencies like yours can enhance cybersecurity to comply with the White House executive order. In this podcast, we will:

  • Review the details of the executive order aimed at enhancing cybersecurity
  • Learn how the EO helps knock down barriers to interagency information sharing
  • Discuss the successes and challenges of agencies working to comply
  • Hear how guidance from CISA and NIST can help carry out the executive order


Episode 6 – The Need to Know: Enabling better data governance ahead the breach

Listen to this podcast, featuring Chris Roberts, Federal Engineering Director at Quest Software Public Sector. Experience a lively discussion about how to enhance your data governance strategy before you get breached.

Key topics in this podcast include:

  • What steps can agencies take to mitigate risk and bolster data governance?
  • How can you achieve better data governance outcomes?
  • What are the first steps to take today to bridge the data governance gap?


Episode 7 – The Future of Zero Trust and the Federal Government

In this episode, Eric Weiss, Senior Technology Executive at Quest Software Public Sector (QSPSI), shares his thoughts on the future of Zero Trust and federal government.

  • What Zero Trust is not
    • It’s not your father’s traditional castle-and-moat security model
    • It’s no longer just firewalls or edge/boundary security devices
    • It’s not a solution in a box
  • What it is
    • It is a change in security philosophy
    • It is a focus on identity governance
  • What we need to facilitate the future of Zero Trust