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Quest Public Sector Solutions Overview

Federal enterprise IT solutions – simplify a complex world. The purpose of federal agencies is as varied and as critical as the myriad needs of U.S. citizens. Federal enterprise IT solutions accelerate and simplify the function of federal agencies. From watchdog to benefactor and from protector to rehabilitation, the unique – and ever-changing – mission of each agency, commission, judicial circuit, military branch and bureau must be met to optimize effectiveness for all parties involved. The federal enterprise IT solutions must be powerful enough to address the needs of the target population, but agile enough to make the experience as simple and effortless as possible.

Federal enterprise IT solutions empower the interaction between federal agencies and the citizens they serve.

Federal Enterprise IT Solutions

Zero Trust
Active Directory
Microsoft Consolidations
Log Management: M-21-31
Database Management
Data Modeling / Intelligence
zero trust

Never trust, always verify - enable Zero Trust

They are out there, and they are desperately trying to get in. From basement-dwelling hackers to state-sponsored threats, bad actors desire to wreak havoc on public agencies by stealing data, releasing highly confidential information, and ransoming files and other digital assets. Plus, agencies and federal enterprise IT solutions must be vigilant for internal threats and unauthorized access, particularly to privileged resources. The ideal proactive security posture to mitigate these threats is a zero trust cybersecurity model.

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