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Enterprise Reporter Suite

With Enterprise Reporter Suite, your agency can ensure that its Microsoft IT resources are secure and compliant. Whether on-prem, in the cloud or hybrid instances, you get complete visibility into user permissions, groups and configurations for platforms, applications that include Active Directory/Azure AD, Exchange/Exchange Online, Office 365, Windows Server, SQL Server, OneDrive for Business, Teams and more. Additionally, you can ensure that your cybersecurity practices and policies are compliant with government and industry mandates, including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, SOX, FISMA, and more. Its flexible capabilities enables you to create and share a library of focused reports across your enterprise. Plus, it includes Security Explorer so you can discover and remediate inappropriate user permissions from inside the Enterprise Reporter interface. 
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Bring complete visibility into permissions, groups and assets 01:00

Active Directory/Azure Active Directory

Report on Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD users, groups, organizational units, permissions and other configurations to gain visibility into cybersecurity threats, such as inappropriate user permissions and privileged access. Plus, you can do critical assessments to ensure your agency meets cybersecurity and compliance metrics, as well as make informed planning decision before and after migration projects. 
Enterprise Reporter for Office 365/Microsoft 365

Enterprise Reporter for Office 365/Microsoft 365

Achieve compliance, protect sensitive data and prepare your federal agency for internal and external audits. Enterprise Reporter for Office 365 helps ensure the security of cloud-based Microsoft productivity resources, including Azure Active Directory (AD), Azure-enabled platforms, Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business environments. With Enterprise Reporter for Office 365, you can get detailed, customizable and automated reports for clear insights into your Microsoft resources – including Office 365 subscription and licensing information –  to ensure stakeholders can make informed decisions quickly.  
Enterprise Reporter for Exchange/Exchange Online

Enterprise Reporter for Exchange/Exchange Online

Know what’s going on in your Exchange/Exchange Online environment with Enterprise Reporter for Exchange. Your email infrastructure is constantly under siege by phishing and human engineering threats, as well as all manner of cybersecurity vulnerability-focused attacks. Keep communications flowing safely across your federal agency with complete visibility into who has access to mailboxes, folders, distribution groups, admin rights and more; and whether an Exchange resources is on-prem or in the cloud. 
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Enterprise Reporter for Windows Servers/OneDrive for Business

It’s critical to have clear visibility into your data storage environment, including Microsoft Windows Server, NAS devices, OneDrive for Business and the growing number of Azure resources. You can quickly and easily see who has access, including on-site and remote employees, third-party workers/contractors and admins/privileged users, and how they were granted access. Plus, your federal agency can run pre- and post-migration analyses to optimize resource allocation and proactively address any potential challenges when making changes to your environment. 
Introduction to Enterprise Reporter for SQL Server 03:06

Enterprise Reporter for SQL Server

Do you know the change history of your SQL Server; or the configuration of critical database objects; or which users have elevated permissions to which resources? Your federal agency can have easy access to this data with Enterprise Reporter for SQL Server. You can enable IT leadership to perform cybersecurity assessments and change-history analyses to optimize operations, as well as make informed compliance and planning decisions.  
Introduction to Enterprise Reporter for File Storage Analysis 02:47

Enterprise Reporter for File Storage Analysis

Enterprise Reporter for File Storage Analysis is a scalable and flexible solution that enables your federal agency to analyze files storage, run pre-set or customized reports to optimize storage capacity, including on Windows file servers, NAS, SAN and more. 

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